AVX Diet Plan

Activ8 X Diet Drops work in complete harmony with the AVX Diet Plan for unbelievable results

The AVX Diet Plan comes free with all orders of Activ8 X. Although Activ8 X Diet Drops work well with all major diet plans, we recommend that you take a look at the AVX Diet Plan as it’s been specially developed to work alongside Activ8 X Diet Drops for maximum results.

We believe that following a healthy diet for weight loss should be an enjoyable experience. That’s why we’ve made sure our AVX Diet Plan is a hunger-less diet plan. There is no reason to feel hungry on a diet when there are so many filling yet low fat foods available. A good diet plan should be about eating low fat tasty foods which keep you feeling satisfied and full. The AVX Diet Plan approach will keep you motivated as well as helping you make changing in your eating habits which will keep the weight off in the future.

Free with all orders

So you can get started with your diet as soon as you receive your Activ8 x Diet Drops.

Special X Day

An X Day allows you to incorporate meals out, takeaways, and other treats into your diet.

Hungerless Diet

The AVX Diet Plan has been specially designed to leave you feeling full and satisfied whilst still achieving your weight loss goals.

What’s included in the Activ8 X Diet Plan

3 Step Guide

3 Step Guide

This section will show you the three simple steps that are the key to successful weight loss.

X Day

X Day

We understand that you can’t always eat perfectly balanced meals so the X day allows you to include treats in your diet.

5 Days of Meals

5 Days of Meals

This handy feature has been included to help make meal planning easy. The 5 days of meals allows you to get off to
a flying start with your diet.

AVX Credit System

AVX Credit System

There are over 3000 foods, drinks, and takeaways all assigned with an AVX credit score.

100s of Delicious Recipes for
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Quick Start Guide

We know you’ll be raring to go when you receive your Activ8 X Diet Drops and plan so we’ve put together a quick start guide meaning you don’t have to waste time getting started.

Planner & Tracker

Being able to plan your meals ensures that you’re eating the foods that are right for you at every meal. Tracking your food intake allows you to keep an eye on your AVX credit score and stay motivated by seeing your results.

Access to Activ8 X Members site

Free Recipes

Having a varied and balanced diet is going to ensure that you lose weight and that you keep it off once you’ve reached your goal. To make sure you don’t get stuck in a recipe rut, we have put loads of delicious recipes on our Activ8 X Members’ site.



As well as getting ideas from the forum you’ll also find tips on the Members’ site for making the most of your diet, staying on track, and maintaining your healthy new look once you’ve achieved your ideal weight.

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