Activ8 X has been replaced with a new product: Gravitate Nutrition!


We're really excited to announce that Activ8 X has been replaced with an amazing new product called Gravitate Nutrition!

How does Gravitate Nutrition compare to Activ8 X?

  1. Easier to take in tablet form. No need to worry about counting drops
  2. Comes in a kit containing two products to give you more weight loss power
  3. More powerful formula to provide stronger clinically proven appetite suppression
  4. Straight forward and easy diet plan to follow

We know many of you loved Activ8 X, but we're sure you'll love Gravitate Nutrition EVEN MORE! We're so confident you'll love it, all orders come with a 35-day money back guarantee

You can buy Gravitate Nutrition at Use code: act10 for 10% off your order.

p.s. Beware of counterfeit and fake Activ8 X bottles sold in other places. The official Activ8 X product has been replaced with Gravitate Nutrition and is no longer available to buy

If you wish to contact us, please visit:

Visit the Gravitate Nutrition Website!

Gravitate Nutrition is a one-off payment which includes a FREE Diet Plan! All orders come with a risk-free 35 day money-back-guarantee